A lady asked me about Liver Qi stagnation. She knows to massage LV3, which is between big and 2nd toe.
This is spring season and it is the best time to treat Liver Qi stagnation. What is Liver Qi ? Stagnation? wrong direction ? How do I know If I have Liver Qi stagnation? I have to answer these questions later.
Anyway, there are my thoughts about helping get rid of Liver Qi stagnation. #1,There is a video on my website for Qi Gong practice, #2,massage LV3, #3, massage PE 6 (spot for motion sickness) to elbow, and TW 5 (other side of PE6) to elbow. and # 4, get up in the morning earlier and wear loose cloth, untie the hair, have a nice walk in the nature, do some stretches, a big exhale from mouth and nose after a deep inhale…(Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine : Su Wen, chapter 2: 春 三月,此谓发陈。天地俱生,万物以荣,夜卧早起,广步于庭,被发缓形,以使志生;生而勿杀,予而勿夺,赏而勿罚,此春气之应,养生之道也。逆之则伤肝,夏为寒变,奉长者少。Follow the nature is the best method to keep health from Chinese Medicine point of view. Spring is a season for growing, having offspring, earths energy started to release… I often told my infertility patients who has weaker constitution to wait till spring to conceive, the chances are higher. The criminals were killed in fall (after noon time) only in China in the old time… Follow the nature!!!

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