Most text books talk about Liver Qi stagnation, and we see more cases with patients presents Liver Qi stagnation. I mentioned Liver Qi goes wrong direction in my last post, which is not seen in clinic often. Here is a case recently I had. I had cases for treating symptoms of hemorrhoids or recovery of a procedure of anal surgery in the past. Most cases are very successful. As speaking of meridians, there is no meridian pass anal area! But there are meridians surround it. I had a patient who had 2 anal fissure surgeries, botox injections and still suffer tremendous in his daily life. That was my first case of treating anal fissure. We started treatment 2 weeks ago, yesterday was his 5th treatments. His energy was greatly increased, stool gotten much firmer , and 5 months bleeding stopped after the 4th treatment. We are very happy about these changes. The patients’ pulse was very typical wiry (commonly known as Liver Qi stagnation). But his middle abdomen was tight at center and lower belly was very empty, and on low back of Gate of Life level wasn’t warm enough. Bingo! When patients’ symptom matches with my palpation, it gave me directly information of where I should start. Liver Qi naturally goes upwards, but in his case, Liver Qi goes wrong direction and stagnated at end of the digestive track (excess symptom). But his lower back and lower abdomen shows greatly deficiency. (Kidney energy wake, can’t help Liver Qi naturally going upward — this is the root which cause this patient’s symptom. Surgeries would not cure his problem, it only could temporarily stop some symptoms for his case) I told him that actually this is the best time to treat his symptoms cause the nature’s energy greatly help. We could spent much longer time if our treatment happened in Fall or Winter. This is beauty of Chinese Medicine

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