Last Friday during the treatment, I was chatting with a patient. “There are two jobs you have to be very ethics/virtue (德–in Chinese, pronounced De), teacher and doctor. Because it is very possible that if you mess them once, you could mess their whole life.” A person has to have the up-right Qi ( 正气–in Chinese ) to become a teacher and a doctor as I thought. Chinese medicine is based on Taoist, and basic idea about Taoist is to purify our body to the infant stage. Our body is a small universe, and our Qigong / Taiji practice is to keep the same energy frequency with the universe we lived with, then we can have achievement for our body and soul. The universe’s energy is 正气 , non-selfish. I have been practice Qigong for more than 30 years and I always told my patients that Qigong is NOT just the movement, it has much more deep meaning. It would be much better if the master has a theory behind what he teaches. This made me think. Yesterday was the world Qigong day, and I was very glad that more than 70 countries celebrate it. A Qigong master is NOT only teach the movement, they teach you how to enchanting the universe’s 正气 to our body !!! But it requires that the master has to be full of 正气 first。So, there are more than two jobs requires a person who have to have 德 overall

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