I have a patient who tries to get pregnant. She told me this week that she just started to practice Bikram Yoga, which is one style of yoga practiced in an intentionally heated room. I stared at her and said “NO”. Again, our body follows nature! It is the best time to get sweat in the summer, our body’s energy is going outward, we get more sweat naturally, and the same time our organ’s (脏腑 Zang Fu) energy naturally weaker. For example, we loose some appetite, digestive energy is sluggish to break down the nutrition and transport to rest of the body. We need to preserve our Zang Fu energy if a patient tries to conceive especially had failed before or energy is weaker (patients’ pulse can tell us internal energy level). I always tell some of my infertility patients that ” less cold and uncooked food” (preserve internal energy), no high heels (Kidney energy tonified by our heel touching the ground)…
Again, Chinese Medicine is individualized, there is no same therapy applied to every one, include Chinese Herbal Medicine. I don’t give patient herbs without evaluate their condition. If I do that, that is not Chinese Medicine, it is Plant Medicine. We need to use Chinese Medicine’s idea to provide individualized therapy to each patient. Every week in my clinic there were patients shock by how quick the good results came out! “That is acupuncture supposed to be!!!”
I always replied by firm voice. Chinese Medicine is an ocean and we are far to reach the edge and bottom. It Works and very effective if the practitioner knows the right direction.

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