There were a few times that I had patients had migraine headache for a bunch of weeks every day ended at my office. Always only one treatment stopped the migraine headache A lady who had 6 weeks’ daily migraine (a few times in ER) showed up at my clinic. She was surprised that I didn’t have any needles above her neck and her migraine headache totally gone during the treatment (not come back at all so far by a week). She had experience with other practitioners before. This makes me want to write something which a question always been raised when new patient show up. HOW ACUPUNCTURE WORKS?
Answer: Qi.
Chinese Medicine based on Qi!!!
I only can explain to you by my experience. I have more than 90% of good and very effective results in my clinic in recent five years. I do lots of palpitations for my patients. WHY? I re-check if Qi is opening up! I and patients both can feel when Qi starts to free flow ! I can feel different type of “Qi feelings” underneath my needles and I make sure Qi’s free flow initiated by my needles (some time I only use hands for certain area ). This is how acupuncture works-to let Qi free flow! And we as practitioners should feel it! I only used machine in my early practice years, the machine CAN’T manipulate Qi, we-human CAN !!! There is no formula for acupuncture treatment, we always have to do palpitations. Patients ‘ situation changes, needle area changes! Patients ‘ situation not changed, our strategy has to be changed. CHANGE!!! (Chinese Culture has a lot to do with Book of Change (巜易经>>,and Chinese Medicine is part of Chinese culture!!!
There are tons of things I want to post for public education about acupuncture. I’ll try to do more frequently. “ These are the juicy part of Chinese Medicine “ I always told my patients!
P.S. Same token as Chinese Herbal Medicine, based on Qi, Not Chemical of a plant . Patients ‘ situation changes, ingredients changes; patients ‘ situation not change, ingredients change!!! If a practitioner give patients Herbal products without face to face evaluation,they are not doing Chinese Medicine, they are doing plant medicine. The same token, a practitioner use acupuncture needles without Chinese Medicine’s thinking, they are not doing Acupuncture.  (however I don’t against)

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