Low back pain was the most pain cases a few years ago in my office. The “trend” shifted in recent couple of years. Upper back (between scapular or above)/neck pain patients dramatically increased. We’ve been blessed that almost every single patient have had great results.
I want to mention 2 things here:
1. It’s Not healthy that if a person has a lump behind neck as Chinese Medicine’ view, period!!! And we always can change pictures , doesn’t matter what is Western Medicine ‘s diagnoses in most cases All Yang meridians goes to back of the neck and the function of Yang Qi is energetic, active, ability to transforming, expelling, “meltdown “negative energy and so on. Therefore there should Not have “deposit” when all Yang meridian pass. After the lump got softer, smaller, or disappeared, patients’ symptoms also got much better, doesn’t matter is pain, thyroid issues, nape of the neck to frontal headaches, even clearer thinking … The increased upper back/ neck cases made me think of that there would be more patients develop tightness/ soft lump/ hard lump…behind their neck and could cause more pain, headaches, even thyroid issues and so on. Also, it could have more “ spots” show when a lady get breast image. These cases all happened in my clinic I put an exercise video on my website a few years ago for this issue. Please check it out if you are interested.
2. I forgot what’s next since I typed this paragraph with one finger and back of my neck started to fill Not happy I have had tons of thoughts when I treating patients and always want to educate public and always not done as nearly much as I wanted, maybe, that’s why
3. Enjoying reading (did I mentioned there is gonna be #3 ?)

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