Happy Chinese New Year
I was in Lancaster County Day School for celebrating Chinese New Year. I had my practice kit with me as as same as a few times in the past year. I was so thrilled that the kids were very interested in acupuncture needles instead of cupping They tried and very shocked there was no pain, no PTSD There were a few people had aches and pains and every single person got instant relief of them, even with one needle Why? There is a blockage, and there is pain. Needles are the great tools to release those blockages As a practitioner, I can feel the Qi underneath my needles and my hands and there goes the instant results Again, Chinese Medicine is all about Qi, needles just a tool to let Qi free flow. If a practitioner use the needles but without Qi concepts, that is only needle work, not acupuncture and no 95% of instant pain relief Acupuncture makes pain instant relief more than 95% in my clinic Because, unblock the stagnated Qi is all we need for pain relief. 2nd step is healing for chronic pain.
Bless everyone has a free flow of Qi in the new year.

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