Crashed three days in the row this week after work.
I received a message while treating a patient today. The thankful and complimentary message. I receive these words everyday in my clinic. “ that ‘s why I am over working again “, I told my patient.
Patients ‘ responding to the treatments are my motivations. I feel the joy of their better life quality-body, mind, and spirit
I am very blessed that I have this precious gift that I can help people, all thank for our ancestors wisdoms
Chinese Medicine is all about Qi !!!
The reason my treatments are so effective ( more than 90% of pain patients feel relief after first treatment), because I make sure that Qi flows underneath my needles and /or hand. It takes time and extreme concentration to have that achievement. I wish I don’t need to work so hard to get same or better results. I have not find the simpler method yet. Please inform me if there is a such simple wonderful method to heal people.
Yes, I am heading to China again to find the better and simpler way to heal my patients. I am sorry for new patients who has to wait couple months to get in my clinic in these years.
“ I can at least double amount of my patients if I can stand on 3.00000000000001 dimension”, I joked with my patient.
Chinese Medicine is all about Qi, and three dimensional world don’t have ability to prove it (so called scientific way), but, we, human beings, made of body-mind-spirit human beings, can have higher achievement than three dimension world. There were some greatest Chinese Medicine doctors through Chinese history, I really believe that they stood on higher level than the world (the world that we only can see) to treat their patients, that’s the reason they created miracles every single treatment
Chinese Medicine doctors did meditation every day in old time. There has to have reasons behind it, more deeper reasons.
Miracles happening in my clinic every year, but not every single treatment I dedicate my life to Chinese Medicine and I am very blessed that Daoist Philosophy are fill every single cell of my body I will not feel ashamed to our Chinese Medicine ancestors if I meet them somewhere, someday.

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