Sources of Chinese Culture and Chinese Medicine Archeology Discovery

The latest archeology discover pushes Chinese history back to about 9000 years ago. Pictures show about 8000 years ago. See a feature of one of eight trigrams (八卦)? Book of Yi (易经)—-Source of Chinese culture and Chinese Medicine

FengShui in the Forbidden City

Forbidden City: wanna learn FengShui?

Chinese Medicine and Daoist Phlosophy

Crashed three days in the row this week after work. I received a message while treating a patient today. The thankful and complimentary message. I receive these words everyday in my clinic. “ that ‘s why I am over working again “, I told my patient. Patients ‘ responding to the treatments are my motivations. […]

Upper back/neck pain Acupuncture Treatment

Low back pain was the most pain cases a few years ago in my office. The “trend” shifted in recent couple of years. Upper back (between scapular or above)/neck pain patients dramatically increased. We’ve been blessed that almost every single patient have had great results. I want to mention 2 things here: 1. It’s Not […]

How Acupuncture Works

There were a few times that I had patients had migraine headache for a bunch of weeks every day ended at my office. Always only one treatment stopped the migraine headache A lady who had 6 weeks’ daily migraine (a few times in ER) showed up at my clinic. She was surprised that I didn’t […]

Acupuncture, fertility, and Chinese herbal medicine thoughts

I have a patient who tries to get pregnant. She told me this week that she just started to practice Bikram Yoga, which is one style of yoga practiced in an intentionally heated room. I stared at her and said “NO”. Again, our body follows nature! It is the best time to get sweat in […]

Qigong Practice

Last Friday during the treatment, I was chatting with a patient. “There are two jobs you have to be very ethics/virtue (德–in Chinese, pronounced De), teacher and doctor. Because it is very possible that if you mess them once, you could mess their whole life.” A person has to have the up-right Qi ( 正气–in […]

Ba Duan Jin Video

My version of Ba Duan Jin (watch below):    

Liver Qi Stagnation

A lady asked me about Liver Qi stagnation. She knows to massage LV3, which is between big and 2nd toe. This is spring season and it is the best time to treat Liver Qi stagnation. What is Liver Qi ? Stagnation? wrong direction ? How do I know If I have Liver Qi stagnation? I […]

Philosophy of Chinese Medicine

I decide to teach Chinese Medicine on the professional level after my daughter goes to college a few years ago. All my readings about Chinese Medicine are Classic Chinese in these years, and I have enjoying this journey very much. My patients are very much enjoying my talks about the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, Daoist […]

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