use garlic in a more effective way to prevent Covid-19

Year 2016


Year 2015

—Chinese goat/sheep/ram year and Chinese Medicine

——–stroke patient: before Min’s treatment

——–stroke patient:  after 6 Min’s treatment

Year 2014


———Liver Qi Stagnation exercise especially for Springtime

———Preventative Eye Exercise

——— Demo: acupuncture for pain/tight at top of scapular ( 1/24/2014 at LCDS )


Year 2013

——– Treating patient who cannot extend arm

——– Treating a 3-year old boy. (1) massage

——– Treating a 3-year old boy. (2) massage and cupping

——- Treating a 3-year old boy. (3) massage

—- Treating a 3-year old boy. (4) cupping

—— Treating a 3-year old boy. (5) moxabustion

—— Treating a 3-year old boy: (6) moxabustion

——– Min’s homework 1: neck /shoulder / scapular area,  肩颈 (3/24/2013)

—– Min’s homework 2: Kidney Yang Energy  肾阳

—–Min’s homework 3: Heart  心脏

—– brief  introduction of  what Chinese Medicine is  (2/8/13 in LCDS)

Year 2012

Min’s public education about Classic Chinese Medicine:

The way you CHANGE your thinking of medicine

I really appreciate my ancestor’s wisdom of Chinese Medicine. As a Chinese, I can reach more Classics resources, and I’d like to share with you. If you have any questions, let me know.

#1: introduction

#2: some classic concept

#3: Jing-Qi-Shen

#4. Yin Yang,  8 Gua

#5. Yi Jing , 8 Gua

#6. Yi Jing, 8 Gua

#7. 5 element, meditation

 Year 2011

Year 2012’s Natural Energy Flow (Part one) 五运六气 :

 Chinese style exercise I taught my patients Qi Gong in years and in different styles. Most of them do finish their “home work” some times. I feel there lack of something to make them continue to do it without seeing me. This video is not Qi Gong (more benefit the organ system), it is exercise (more benefit the skeleton muscular system), but it is beyond the regular exercise. Everyone Can Do It !!!


# 2

# 3

# 4

Year 2010

Cupping  (闪罐)

Dannie came back from China  when she was 4 years old. She had cough and constipation. I gave her Chinese Herbal medicine and cupping as show on this video. She had cupping on her back about 10 minutes (for her cough) as you can see on her back, then I took the video (for constipation).


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