Min & Michael

Min & Michael    Our first clinic was established in 1998, in West Lawn (suburb of  Reading), Pa.

She is really good. Very professional thank you..!!   ——  Roberto, Garcia


Min is awesome! 3-4 weeks ago, I could barely move with so much back pain. Today I can move and feel great.   ——-Raina, Johnson


I have vestibular neuritis and arthritis in my lower back, which was aggravated by my balance issues. I literally could not walk without pain before I went to Min.

After my first appointment, I experienced significant pain relief. And, I felt hopeful for the first time in nearly a year, that my health could improve.

As my treatments continue, my symptoms have diminished. I am now able to walk and exercise for the first time 9 months!

Min is a very dedicated, skilled, and gifted practitioner. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is a blessing!   ———Jilann, Trainor


I’ve suffered from migraines for 7 years as a result of brain surgery. I’ve tried every preventive medicine, every medicine that you take at the onset of a migraine, migraine massage, regular message, reiki, and most recently Botox, yet I still get migraines.
My most recent migraine lasted 13 days. Neurologist wanted to give me more potent medicine. Out of desperation, I looked up acupuncture and found Min. She took me that day and at the end of my session the migraine was gone and I’ve not had one for 2 weeks. I see Min twice a week and I’m feeling good. I’ve had an aching pain at the back of my head on the occipital bone again for 7 years. After my session today, it’s the first time in 7 years, I have no pain. I highly recommend Min. She is passionate about her craft and has trained in China. Give her a try!! ———-J. A.


This is my second or third round of treatments with Min in the last 4 years, each time for a different health issue.My “regular”, i.e. Western, doctors, have only offered chemical drugs to treat symptoms with little to no success, and a multitude of side effects.

Min is able to effect true healing in my body. She is ethical, honest, hard-working, and truly cares about her patients’ health and well-being.   ———Karah, Malan


I treated with Min 2-3 years ago for terrible seasonal allergies and asthma, both conditions I suffered with since childhood. When I began treatment I was taking 3 allergy pills daily and using 2 inhalers every day at the direction of an allergy doctor. I did not like the dependency on these medicines so I researched alternative treatments and narrowed it down to either allergy shots or acupuncture. I decided to try acupuncture and see how it went. It was the best health decision I ever made! Min is highly skilled at what she does. She’s also very straight-forward. Treating a chronic condition with acupuncture is a big commitment, and Min was honest with me from day one regarding the cost, length of treatment, time commitment and expected results. I started seeing improvements right away. It took time to resolve all of my issues but my progress made it easy to stay committed. Her techniques really work, and to this day I have no more issues with seasonal allergies and asthma. I do not take any allergy medicine, and I do not use any inhalers anymore. Spring pollen levels are currently extremely high. I used to have to avoid being outside at this time of year, but now I can enjoy the beautiful weather, play outside with my kids, walk my dogs, and even sleep with the windows open! Thank you Min!! ————Karinda, Greo


Min is the best Accupuncturist ever! If you go in with a severe Migraine headache, you won’t leave with it! I got shingles on a Tuesday afternoon with severe sharp burning knives in my right eye and head. My husband called her and she had him bring me in immediately. She worked on me that night, the next morning, then that night, and then Friday morning! By Friday am, I woke up completely pain free. And believe me, each visit, the pain was less. She’s a miracle worker.
I have Addisons Disease and she helps a lot.
I really appreciate all she’s able to do!——Sheila Moseman


I can’t say enough good about the treatments I received from Min for my ruptured thumb tendon. 5 months after the injury my thumb and wrist were still very painful, sleepless nights and painful days at work. A few months of treatments and the pain was gone. Movement of my thumb was back to normal, work was so much easier – no pain! Min treats and so clearly explains the treatment and expectations of how long the healing will take. Highly recommend. Thank you Min————Carol Paul



Min has helped my husband who is paralyzed from the chest down with his chronic pain more than anyone or anything. Her treatments positively affect both his mental and physical health. Thank you, Min! ——— Lacey Snader


Love coming to Min she is so personable and knows what she is doing. No treatment is the same. She gives you whatever treatment your body needs at the time.——-Nicole Gambino


Serious young acupuncturist, working hard to learn Real skills by securing Real training. Very difficult and expensive. She is talented and caring——Chris Lester


Hi Min:
I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your care and compassion, and the laughter.  You have helped me a great deal. There are not a lot of people in this world that care about helping people the way you do.  I spent 27 year in the medical field and have seen too many things.  Again, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very sincerely,
 ————-   Kathy Kreider
I received acupuncture from Michael during the summer of 2013. I had recently experienced two unsuccessful pregnancies. I was seeing a fertility specialist who suggested that I strongly consider invitro fertilization. I was not convinced that this was the path for me. Instead I began reading about Eastern medicine. I talked with my Western doctor who encouraged me to consider both Eastern and Western medicine. I changed my diet, began exercising, received acupuncture and Metformin. I quickly noticed a difference in my overall health, stress level, and temperament. I became pregnant after about 3 months of acupuncture. My son was born on April 3rd 2014. I wanted to write to thank Han Shi Acupuncture as I truly believe this experience aided in my ability to become pregnant and maintain a successful pregnancy.                                                                                                                                         —————–Kesha Morant Williams
A MIRACLE IS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE. After 18 months of constant knee pain, restless legs out of control, waking up every 2-3 hours, many visits to doctors, pills, needing to sleep in a recliner to keep my knee straight, I am finally finding relief…thanks to Han Shi Acupuncture. Last night I actually slept in my bed and slept all night. Can’t believe it. Now if she can just break up the scar tissue, I might not need a revision on this knee replacement in December. So glad I listened to my inner voice and tried this. It does not hurt. Highly recommend for anyone who has given up hope of finding relief from pain.
————-Joyce, K.
The best decision I ever made!

I was having knee from years of running and was unable to sleep at night without medication… four treatments later I was free of all pain and best of all no drugs! It has been a little over six months with no sign of pain. I was so satisfied that I recommended them to my mother who after suffering from a brain tumor 35+ years ago was left with one half of her body (her right side) unusable…in 10 treatments my mother was able to walked, for the first time since her operation 35 years ago! Min Xiong is a miracle worker !—- Barbara, F.


I have been going to Han Shi Acupuncture since the middle of May 2004. I have a disease called RSD or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I am in so much pain everyday. Since I have been seeing Min for 3 1/2 months, my pain is almost gone. I had severe stabbing pain in the hands and feet, which is much better. I also had many muscle spasms that Min Cured. My right leg spasmed uncontrollably for over 8 months but Min was able to slowly get it to stop. I feel Min has been the best of all the Dr.’s I have seen (including medical Dr.’s). She has an amazing gift to heal. I am from California and have had many acupuncturists. I had doubts about finding one in PA.

Min is better than all the acupuncturist I have ever seen. She is genuinely concerned about healing her patient. This is rare to find. She has helped me so much. I will always be grateful for her healing art.                                                                                       ——Jennifer Washick


Min,  Thank you so much for this amazing personal journey I was able to experience these past five months.  I came to you not knowing anything about acupuncture, feeling hopeless and scared.  At first I thought the purpose of these treatments would be to simply try to aid in getting me pregnant.  Little did I know how much personal growth I was about to encounter.  Soon I began to look forward to getting treatments and to take the time for meditation.  I also enjoyed our little chats so much too.

Despite the fact that I haven’t gotten pregnant during the course of our treatments, I can truly  say that this experience has been one I’ll never forget and has left me with a peace within myself that I have never felt before.  I’m so thankful for this experience.  It’s been so awesome getting to know you too!  I promise to let you know if I ever have pregnancy news to share!                                                                 ———-Kurtz, C


Han Shi acupuncture treatments successfully restored me to good health after the top specialists in the region could not find a solution for my complicated medical condition.                                                                                                                                      ————Emily Kauffman


Dear Min,   I am writing this letter to thank you for your services. About two years ago I had an extensive surgery to lift my bladder secondary to post child birth issues with urine leakage that went beyond the norm. I was told after a year of therapy to learn to tighten my vaginal muscles to help regain control that my bladder had fallen to low for much beyond surgery to resolve. So , I had the surgery. My surgeon was one of the best and still, I had chronic bladder infections ever since. I worked with a Urologist to reduce the incidence of infections and we had, after a year and a half only succeeded in two months between infections.

This required me to take antibiotics often. Unfortunately, I am allergic to all but a few antibiotic medications. My allergic reactions are severe ranging from hives to cardiac arrhythmia to my throat swelling shut. So, it was extremely concerning to me that I had to keep taking antibiotics that I would most likely become immune or allergic to in time, Scary.

I began researching other alternatives on the internet. I read about the positive effects of acupuncture on recurring bladder infections. Then I read about Acupuncture and Training and on and on. Next I went looking for an Acupuncturist. I called several places and settled on you.

I have now seen you a total of 7 times and have not had a bladder infection since I began. I was a skeptical patient, but, at the very first session, I could actually feel energy moving in my body. I wish that I knew about this alternative prior to my surgery.  I have since learned that acupuncture has a better than 75% success rate on post childbirth bladder prolapsed issues. I definitely would have tried this first. Even with medical insurance my surgery cost my family out of pocket several thousand dollars and then, the post surgical issues. This would have been an intelligent, cost effective and most likely a far healthier investment alternative.

Thank you for your gift and medical skills. I will use acupuncture in the future for me and my family as we have other conditions.

Cordially,               —————–Leslie Sullivan


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