Min’s Mind 10/28/2019

The latest archeology discover pushes Chinese history back to about 9000 years ago. Pictures show about 8000 years ago. See a feature of one of eight trigrams (八卦)? Book of Yi (易经)—-Source of Chinese culture and Chinese Medicine




















Min’s Mind 9/15/2019

Forbidden City: wanna learn FengShui?
















































































Min’s Mind 6/9/2019

5th grade start on Chinese Medicine education in Zhenjiang province


































Min’s Mind 4/6/2019

Crashed three days in the row this week after work.
I received a message while treating a patient today. The thankful and complimentary message. I receive these words everyday in my clinic. “ that ‘s why I am over working again “, I told my patient.
Patients ‘ responding to the treatments are my motivations. I feel the joy of their better life quality-body, mind, and spirit
I am very blessed that I have this precious gift that I can help people, all thank for our ancestors wisdoms
Chinese Medicine is all about Qi !!!
The reason my treatments are so effective ( more than 90% of pain patients feel relief after first treatment), because I make sure that Qi flows underneath my needles and /or hand. It takes time and extreme concentration to have that achievement. I wish I don’t need to work so hard to get same or better results. I have not find the simpler method yet. Please inform me if there is a such simple wonderful method to heal people.
Yes, I am heading to China again to find the better and simpler way to heal my patients. I am sorry for new patients who has to wait couple months to get in my clinic in these years.
“ I can at least double amount of my patients if I can stand on 3.00000000000001 dimension”, I joked with my patient.
Chinese Medicine is all about Qi, and three dimensional world don’t have ability to prove it (so called scientific way), but, we, human beings, made of body-mind-spirit human beings, can have higher achievement than three dimension world. There were some greatest Chinese Medicine doctors through Chinese history, I really believe that they stood on higher level than the world (the world that we only can see) to treat their patients, that’s the reason they created miracles every single treatment
Chinese Medicine doctors did meditation every day in old time. There has to have reasons behind it, more deeper reasons.
Miracles happening in my clinic every year, but not every single treatment I dedicate my life to Chinese Medicine and I am very blessed that Daoist Philosophy are fill every single cell of my body I will not feel ashamed to our Chinese Medicine ancestors if I meet them somewhere, someday

Min’s Mind 2/5/2019

Happy Chinese New Year
I was in Lancaster County Day School for celebrating Chinese New Year. I had my practice kit with me as as same as a few times in the past year. I was so thrilled that the kids were very interested in acupuncture needles in stead of cupping They tried and very shocked there was no pain, no PTSD There were a few people had aches and pains and every single person got instant relief of them, even with one needle Why? There is a blockage, and there is pain. Needles are the great tools to release those blockages As a practitioner, I can feel the Qi underneath my needles and my handsand there goes the instant results Again, Chinese Medicine is all about Qi, needles just a tool to let Qi free flow. If a practitioner use the needles but without Qi concepts, that is only needle work, not acupuncture and no 95% of instant pain relief Acupuncture makes pain instant relief more than 95% in my clinic Because, unblock the stagnated Qi is all we need for pain relief. 2nd step is healing for chronic pain.
Bless everyone has a free flow of Qi in the new year









Min’s Mind 8/29/2018

Scoliosis: I joked to my patients: I will only see scoliosis patients if I put advertise for itThese pictures are taken for 1st time treatment. I took it right after finishing insertion needles, and this is only part of the treatment. Every single of my scoliosis patients have had obvious results in these years, why? The way of thinking is different than mostly non-invasive therapy. The needles inserted at the concave side of spine, therefore to release “wrinkles “ of that side, then the spin can be naturally getting straighter. I have had patients from teens to in their 80’s, and everyone received great benefits from it, not only for pain, for straight the curves tooI am sharing my strategy and hopefully more people can be benefit from it. Enjoy the day










Min’s Mind 6/10/2017

Pain relief or healing
I always tell my patients that we are on the way to healing process But just by stick needles? Not enough!!! Most pain patients come for chronic pain, and their body have been changed by compensation their pain and establish another “balance “ for a long time. But this balance is very fragile and is easy to be broken, that’s why pain comes back after a certain time. This balance is not our body ‘s ultimate balance! That is what we are trying to do in my clinic. For example: knee pain. Stick needles around the knee? I often started the thigh, then ankle, last location is bullseye. There are some manipulations involved quite often, why? Break the fragile balance and push patients ‘ body back to ultimate balance. That’s another reason “ happy experience “ always involved for the pain in my clinic. “ Enjoy the happy exercise “!






Min’s Mind 1/28/2017

Low back pain was the most pain cases a few years ago in my office. The “trend” shifted in recent couple of years. Upper back (between scapular or above) / neck pain patients dramatically increased. We’ve been blessed that almost every single patient have had great results.
I want to mention 2 things here:
1. It’s Not healthy that if a person has a lump behind neck as Chinese Medicine ‘s view, period!!! And we always can change pictures , doesn’t matter what is Western Medicine ‘s diagnoses in most cases All Yang meridians goes to back of the neck and the function of Yang Qi is energetic, active, ability to transforming, expelling, “meltdown “negative energy and so on. Therefore there should Not have “deposite” when all Yang meridian pass. After the lump got softer, smaller, or disappeared, patients’ symptoms also got much better, doesn’t matter is pain, thyroid issues, nape of the neck to frontal headaches, even clearer thinking … The increased upper back/ neck cases made me think of that there would be more patients develop tightness/ soft lump/ hard lump…behind their neck and could cause more pain, headaches, even thyroid issues and so on. Also, it could have more “ spots” show when a lady get breast image.  These cases all happened in my clinic I put an exercise video on my website a few years ago for this issue. Please check it out if you are interested.
2. I forgot what’s next since I typed this paragraph with one finger and back of my neck started to fill Not happy I have had tons of thoughts when I treating patients and always want to educate public and always not done as nearly much as I wanted, maybe, that’s why
3. Enjoying reading (did I mentioned there is gonna be #3 ?)





Min’s Mind 11/18/2017

There were a few times that I had patients had migraine headache for a bunch of weeks every day ended at my office. Always only one treatment stopped the migraine headache A lady who had 6 weeks’ dairy migraine (a few times in ER)showed up at my clinic. She was surprised that I didn’t have any needles above her neck and her migraine headache totally gone during the treatment (not come back at all so far by a week). She had experience with other practitioners before. This makes me want to write something which a question always been raised when new patient show up. HOW ACUPUNCTURE WORKS?
Answer: Qi.
Chinese Medicine based on Qi!!!
I only can explain to you by my experience. I have more than 90% of good and very effective results in my clinic in recent five years. I do lots of palpitations for my patients. WHY? I re-check if Qi is opening up! I and patients both can feel when Qi starts to free flow ! I can feel different type of “Qi feelings” underneath my needles and I make sure Qi’s free flow initiated by my needles (some time I only use hands for certain area ). This is how acupuncture works-to let Qi free flow! And we as practitioners should feel it! I only used machine in my early practice years, the machine CAN’T manipulate Qi, we-human CAN !!! There is no formula for acupuncture treatment, we always have to do palpitations. Patients ‘ situation changes, needle area changes! Patients ‘ situation not changed, our strategy has to be changed. CHANGE!!! (Chinese Culture has a lot to do with Book of Change (巜易经>>,and Chinese Medicine is part of Chinese culture!!!
There are tons of things I want to post for public education about acupuncture. I’ll try to do more frequently. “ These are the juicy part of Chinese Medicine “ I always told my patients!
P.S. Same token as Chinese Herbal Medicine, based on Qi, Not Chemical of a plant . Patients ‘ situation changes, ingredients changes; patients ‘ situation not change, ingredients change!!! If a practitioner give patients Herbal products without face to face evaluation,they are not doing Chinese Medicine, they are doing plant medicine. The same token, a practitioner use acupuncture needles without Chinese Medicine ‘s thinking, they are not doing Acupuncture .( however I don’t against)

Min’s Mind 7/27/2017

I have a patient who tries to get pregnant. She told me this week that she just started to practice Bikram Yoga, which is one style of yoga practiced in an intentionally heated room. I stared at her and said “NO”. Again, our body follows nature! It is the best time to get sweat in the summer, our body’s energy is going outward, we get more sweat naturally, and the same time our organ’s (脏腑 Zang Fu) energy naturally weaker. For example, we loose some appetite, digestive energy is sluggish to break down the nutrition and transport to rest of the body. We need to preserve our Zang Fu energy if a patient tries to conceive especially had failed before or energy is weaker ( patients’ pulse can tell us internal energy level). I always tell some of my infertility patients that ” less cold and uncooked food” (preserve internal energy), no high heels (Kidney energy tonified by our heel touching the ground)…
Again, Chinese Medicine is individualized, there is no same therapy applied to every one, include Chinese Herbal Medicine. I don’t give patient herbs without evaluate their condition. If I do that, that is not Chinese Medicine, it is Plant Medicine. We need to use Chinese Medicine ‘s idea to provide individualized therapy to each patient . Every week in my clinic there were patients shock by how quick the good results came out! “That is acupuncture supposed to be!!!”
I always replied by firm voice. Chinese Medicine is an ocean and we are far to reach the edge and bottom. It Works and very effective if the practitioner knows the right direction.

Min’s Mind 7/12/2017


















I was very blessed to follow Dr. Yan in Beijing. This is my 5th year in her clinic. A 78 old man walked in between patients, there wasn’t any openings for the day. He felt 100% better after a few minutes ‘ treatment. I love his expression. He told Dr. Yan :” who let you be so good and I don’t go to any other practitioner for these 30 years! You are the only one can help me and I’ll stick with you whatever you like or not “. I always tell my patients: be careful, I have weapons . It’s a such blessing of I love what I am doing and enjoy every moment of it

Min’s Mind 4/30/2017

Last Friday during the treatment, I was chatting with a patient. ” There are two jobs you have to be very ethics/virtue (德–in Chinese, pronounced De), teacher and doctor. Because it is very possible that if you mess them once, you could mess their whole life. ” A person has to have the up-right Qi ( 正气–in Chinese ) to become a teacher and a doctor as I thought. Chinese medicine is based on Taoist, and basic idea about Taoist is to purify our body to the infant stage. Our body is a small universe, and our Qigong / Taiji practice is to keep the same energy frequency with the universe we lived with, then we can have achievement for our body and soul. The universe’s energy is 正气 , non-selfish. I have been practice Qigong for more than 30 years and I always told my patients that Qigong is NOT just the movement, it has much more deep meaning. It would be much better if the master has a theory behind what he teaches. This made me think. Yesterday was the world Qigong day, and I was very glad that more than 70 countries celebrate it. A Qigong master is NOT only teach the movement, they teach you how to enchanting the universe’s 正气 to our body !!! But it requires that the master has to be full of 正气 first。So, there are more than two jobs requires a person who have to have 德 overall

Min’s Mind 4/16/2017

It’s Spring season and dandelions are everywhere. It has functions of clearing heat/ liver toxicity/ get rid of any lumps associated with heat( reddish color)…I just cook a big pot of water with fresh dandelion , and drink water all day long Spring is the season associated with Liver energetic function according to Chinese Medicine, Liver Qi is spreading up/outward like a tree. Follow the nature, by adding more green colored food in our diet, wearing loose clothes to let Qi spread outward/upward, get up earlier in the morning and sleep slightly later…Enjoy



Min’s Mind 1/1/2017

My version of Ba Duan Jin  (watch below):


Min’s Mind 3/30/2016

Most text books talk about Liver Qi stagnation, and we see more cases with patients presents Liver Qi stagnation. I mentioned Liver Qi goes wrong direction in my last post, which is not seen in clinic often. Here is a case recently I have. I had cases for treating symptoms of hemorrhoids or recovery of a procedure of anal surgery in the past. Most cases are very successful. As speaking of meridians, there is no meridian pass anal area ! But there are meridians surround it. I had a patient who had 2 anal fissure surgeries, botox injections and still suffer tremendous in his daily life. That was my first case of treating anal fissure. We started treatment 2 weeks ago, yesterday was his 5th treatments. His energy was greatly increased, stool gotten much firmer , and 5 months bleeding stopped after the 4th treatment. We are very happy about these changes. The patients’ pulse was very typical wiry (commonly known as Liver Qi stagnation). But his middle abdomen was tight at center and lower belly was very empty, and on low back of Gate of Life level wasn’t warm enough. Bingo! When patients’ symptom matches with my palpation, it gave me directly information of where I should start. Liver Qi naturally goes upwards, but in his case, Liver Qi goes wrong direction and stagnated at end of the digestive track (excess symptom). But his lower back and lower abdomen shows greatly deficiency. (Kidney energy wake, can’t help Liver Qi naturally going upward — this is the root which cause this patient’s symptom. Surgeries would not cure his problem, it only could temporarily stop some symptoms for his case) I told him that actually this is the best time to treat his symptoms cause the nature’s energy greatly help. We could spent much longer time if our treatment happened in Fall or Winter. This is beauty of Chinese Medicine

Min’s Mind 3/25/2016

A lady asked me about Liver Qi stagnation. She knows to massage LV3, which is between big and 2nd toe.
This is spring season and it is the best time to treat Liver Qi stagnation. What is Liver Qi ? Stagnation? wrong direction ? How do I know If I have Liver Qi stagnation? I have to answer these questions later.
Anyway, there are my thoughts about helping get rid of Liver Qi stagnation. #1,There is a video on my website for Qi Gong practice, #2,massage LV3, #3, massage PE 6 ( spot for motion sickness) to elbow, and TW 5 (other side of PE6) to elbow. and # 4, get up in the morning earlier and wear loose cloth, untie the hair, have a nice walk in the nature, do some stretches, a big exhale from mouth and nose after a deep inhale…( Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine : Su Wen, chapter 2: 春 三月,此谓发陈。天地俱生,万物以荣,夜卧早起,广步于庭,被发缓形,以使志生;生而勿杀,予而勿夺,赏而勿罚,此春气之应,养生之道也。逆之则伤肝,夏为寒变,奉长者少。Follow the nature is the best method to keep health from Chinese Medicine point of view. Spring is a season for growing, having offspring’s, earths energy started to release… I often told my infertility patients who has weaker constitution to wait till spring to conceive, the chances are higher. The criminals were killed in fall (after noon time) only in China in the old time… Follow the nature!!!

Min’s Mind 3/24/2016

I decide to teach Chinese Medicine on the professional level after my daughter goes to college a few years ago. All my readings about Chinese Medicine are Classic Chinese in these years, and I have enjoying this journey very much. My patients are very much enjoying my talks about the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, Daoist and so on. Because of the language barrier ( Classic Chinese to English ) and my busy practice, I haven’t done anything on the Facebook about public education. A lady just wrote me through Facebook after she watched my video online and I am very glad there are people take care of themselves consciously. There are no magic needles !!! I am going to start write my thoughts about Chinese Medicine , clinical thoughts though Facebook from now on. I’ll be very glad to hear some feedback.

Min’s Mind 6/16/2016

Chinese Culture and Chinese Medicine are tied together . Chinese Medicine doctors learn calligraphy, music, Tao of tea, Qi gong, astrology, Feng shui….. Our being is in the universe, and each of us is a small universe. I’d like to share the knowledge I’ve known from Classic Chinese Medicine point of view. Enjoy the pictures.

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